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On the Business or In the Business

Michael Gerber wrote a book sometime back called The E-Myth Revisited where he popularized this notion of working on the business as opposed to in the business. Basically, as fellow entrepreneurs, we fight the tendency to get in the weeds on things and when we do that we miss the opportunity to dream about what […]

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Retailing Trends

Being a baby boomer, I’ve long been fascinated with retailing trends probably going as far back as shopping malls in their heyday. Online shopping is certainly here to stay. I’m certainly a big user preferring delivery of selected material goods to my doorstep rather than go to the store (s). Frankly, the personal engagement piece […]

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If You Prefer Pizazz In Your Life, Dance With The Fear

Taking the “long view” and staying out of the weeds has become a passion of mine. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a visit to the weeds is a.) long overdue, b.) necessary for you to take a global, holistic and long-term view. After all, we’re focused on the result, not the granularity of the steps […]

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