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On The Business Or In The Business

Michael Gerber wrote a book sometime back called The E-Myth Revisited where he popularized this notion of working on the business as opposed to in the business.

Basically, as fellow entrepreneurs, we fight the tendency to get in the weeds on things and when we do that we miss the opportunity to dream about what could be. The” BHAG” or big, hairy, audacious goal that author Jim Collins favors. Looking around the corner for new opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, in the beginning, it is wise to be in the weeds. This coincides with a lack of excess resources. Maybe your organization lacks the specific domain expertise that you bring to the party.

However, in order for the business to scale, the entrepreneur has to know when to let go.

In order to scale the business, the entrepreneur becomes less the doer and more the leader. As a guide, you should spend at least 10% of your time on the business. In a typical month, that is a couple of days!

Of course, the more leadership that you exhibit inside your organization, the more time spent on the business.

When is the last time that you thought about this?

The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?