Our Approach

We believe marketing is critical to operations and when approached correctly, it becomes a cornerstone of profitability and growth.  At Convergent, our greatest success comes from applying our expertise to roles and functions tied to revenue…sales, marketing, and customer service.
We address your challenges through a teamed partnership. Working together, we set goals, assess challenges, and appraise your company’s ability to execute. Only then, can we construct a specific marketing roadmap to successfully implement.
Our certified approach is based on Duct Tape Marketing’s methodology. This proven process has worked for clients of all sizes. Our network consists of a select group of seasoned marketers worldwide who brainstorm together to provide a sounding board on the latest trends and technologies.
John Jantsch, founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Network, has written several books and earned accolades from Forbes, CNBC, the New York Enterprise Report and has authored books on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Jantsch’s blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his Duct Tape Marketing podcast was called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine. Jantsch has delivered keynote speeches to organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Verizon, HP, and eBay. He also is the featured marketing contributor to American Express OPENForum.

This process allows us to provide a branding strategy that elevates your brand to a new level. Utilizing a Brandscript, we’ll help your brand create messaging to talk about products and services in a compelling way. With a clear communication strategy, your team will know how to talk about your brand in casual conversations, speeches, websites and advertising.

Today’s organizations have oceans of data available to them. “Big Data” is revolutionizing business by applying marketing research principles to mine huge data sets, and companies are reaping results and gaining competitive advantages in ways not seen before. We use these principles to determine the most relevant data for improving service, sales, market share, and margins and harness the power of data to improve your bottom line.