Peer Groups/Workshops

Too busy in the business to spend time on the business? Our workshops and peer groups are designed to generate new ideas so that you can execute.


In a customized two-day session, you can start changing your company’s annual results. Invest in a highly leveraged strategic planning workshop now, and reap the rewards for years to come.

These customized sessions are designed to help you and your management team identify and prioritize the core tenets of a game-changing growth plan.

The workshops are facilitated by the Convergent management team. The market-based approach to planning can include:

  • Competitive review, analysis and assessment of your company’s positioning vs. your competitors
  • Targeted action items to jumpstart your growth
  • Prioritized growth target recommendations
  • Recommendations to better align your sales and marketing for better results

 Peer Groups

Connect with up to 16 trusted peers from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds in our advisory program for challenging discussions, broader perspectives on the trusted advisor role and strategies to help drive results for clients, increase your value and visibility, and enhance your leadership.