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What Can Coaches Do For You?

At “ground zero”, I believe coaches develop the capabilities of high-potential performers. That said, and in my view, the most effective coaching relationships are when the recipient of the coaching in the coaching relationship is receptive, open to learning, & applying the learnings to achieve a superior result.

Coaches can also act as a sounding board. Ideally, coaches should be preemptive about pointing out dysfunctional or derailing behavior, e.g. blind spots.

As I’ve said before, I am often asked if I am a consultant, coach/mentor or therapist. Truth be told, and as captured in the attached graphic, my “coaching” (as shown in the hybrid red box below)  is probably rooted in all three disciplines. For those of you that engage me at this level, please validate your own experience against this model.

Coaching-consultant-therapy graphic